At BNPEF we strongly believes in three forms of Dasoha’s (Sharing or Charity), Kannada word dāsōha means ‘charity given with a sense of servitude’. Vidya Dasoha (Education Sharing), Jnyana Dasoha (Knowledge Sharing), and Annam Dasoha (Food Donation).

BNPE Foundation currently supports schools in various villages with more than 200 kids in Chirala Mandal and 4 schools in United States of America. We also supports and donate money for many good causes and BNPEF projects like Annam Dasoha, Jnyana Dasoha, and Vidya Dasoha.

Vidya Dasoha – Education Sharing or Promoting Education:

  • BNP Foundation currently supporting 4 schools in USA and 4 primary schools in Andhra Pradesh, India and providing basic infrastructure like water filter plant for drinking water, fans, desks, books, pens, school bags, couple of laptops etc.
  • Sponsoring and providing financial support to 20 low income family kids for their education until 10+2 for the past 6 years.
  • BNP Foundation always believes that education ignites lives and is in the process of coming up with even better charity services to the needy.
  • As of date we donated $4000 for these projects.

Jnyana Dasoha – Knowledge Sharing or promoting knowledge:

  • Conduct medical awareness program for children and adults with local doctor’s support, where infants got their “Polio” vaccinations. Kids and adults also received some hygienic tips and first aid kits. Also distributed some clothes collected by the volunteers.
  • Conducted “What Next after Graduation” educational awareness and guidance seminars at six different engineering colleges benefitting 4800 final year engineering graduates across the state.
  • Conducted Diabetic awareness program and spend over $5000 to save a person from his serious and life threatening multi-organ failure with the support of New Jersey Commission for the Blind.
  • Conducted “Mission – Green the Globe” program with 700 local school children support from seven different schools in and around Chirala, Andhra Pradesh on international Ozone day. We conducted this rally for three miles spreading the awareness.
  • As of date we donated $8500 for these projects.

Annam Dasoha – Food Sharing:

  • Initiated and funding for “Mid-Day Meals” program at one of the local vocational technical college in Epurupalem, Andhra Pradesh. Currently supporting 65 vocational college poor students ailed from low income families providing 2 meals a day.
  • Sponsoring and providing training equipment, protein and vitamin supplement supply to a very poor National Discus throw Para athlete until 2016 October Rio Olympics.
  • As of date we donated $5000 for these projects.